Date Mon, Apr 7, 2014

Hi there, and thanks for visiting!

it’s been an interesting two years since Rob and Elliot ended. Lots of things in my life have changed, but my love of making comics has remained. I’ve spent some time in the off-season practicing my craft, and now I’m back, and proud to launch a new weekly comic, Hamlet’s Danish! I like to think of it as illustrated sketch comedy with a new cast every week. My goal is to make the funniest and best looking comics I can, and I’m looking forward to seeing where that takes me. There are three strips up in the archives to start so you can jump right in, and I hope they’ll convince you to bookmark, follow, or share with your friends.

For those of you who miss the good old days, the Rob and Elliot archives are still up and full of nostalgia and musty attic odor. My brother Hampton may no longer be writing a comic with me, but he’s blowing it up with his stand-up and comedy writing in LA. His twitter and vine feeds are pretty awesome.

Finally, I’d like to thank my wife and the friends and family who helped me get this new strip together.

I’ll see you with a new comic next Monday!