Date Mon, Nov 23, 2015

I can finally promote the fact the my brother Hampton is going to be the new voice of Crow T. Robot in the upcoming MST3K reboot!  To say that this is a big deal for him is a massive  understatement.

When we were growing up, we were both huge fans of the show (Though Hampton always loved it more). We pooled our resources to buy a bunch of tapes, and got to the point where we were quoting them a lot. We would even force our friends to sit through multi-hour endurance marathons. In short, we wore those tapes OUT. At one point I remember having a conversation with him about how, although it could never happen, working on that show would be The Coolest Job Ever™. To see Hampton achieve a childhood dream means so much to me and I couldn’t be more proud! All fraternal bias aside, I honestly can’t think of a better person for the job.

Here’s the thing though, they need to meet their stretch goal of 5.5 million to get a full 12 episode season. Also, if they meet that goal, there’s a much better chance that a network or streaming service will pick them up as a continuing series. If you were a fan of Rob and ElliotHampton’s comedy, or just knowing a little boy achieved his dreams, please consider pledging to #BringBackMST3K, or as I call it #KeepHamptonEmployed!