New site design

I started on this redesign a while ago, having found some issues with the old one. I'll probably still tweak some things over the next few weeks, but the big changes are that it's better spaced out for mobile, I've added a twitter feed, there's better search functionality, and the archives are better laid out. Hope you like it!

Hampton is going to be on Conan!

Please excuse me while I gush for a moment...

Set your DVRs for August 20th, because my brother Hampton will be doing stand up on Conan! This is a huge milestone in any comedian's career, and I couldn't be more proud of him! One of the main reasons we ended Rob and Elliot was that Hampton needed to focus on his stand up and comedic writing career, so I'm so happy to see that all his hard work and sacrifice is paying off! I've always known he was the funniest guy around, and he has been making a name for himself in the comedy circles, but it's really satisfying to see him succeed on a level like this.

I know there are some even bigger things on the horizon for him, so I'll be sure to update here when it's time to promote them. Or you could just follow him on twitter and get a constant stream of his humor while you're at it!

Word Crimes

I've gotten the question "Why did you name your comic Hamlet's Danish?" enough times that I figured I'd give a little explaination. The main problem with naming a comic that's about nothing in particular is that you can't choose a descriptive or thematic name. "Scenarios I Think Are Funny" isn't particularly catchy, and is bad SEO to boot. I figured if the name of the strip wasn't going to be descriptive, it might as well convey my sense of humor. So I went with a pun that didn't come up in any Google searches.


If you know one thing about my sense of humor, you know that I love me some puns.


My first instinct when writing a script is to try and be as clever as I can with joke construction. That isn't necessarily a bad instinct to have, but it can affect a joke's accesibility if it's pushed too far. Accesibility is pretty important for a humor strip, and I need to constantly check myself before I wreck myself. Luckily, I have an assorment of trusted friends to help me know when I've gone too far. Even so, I can't help but indulge every once in a while, and I end up making a strip about MacGuffins which, if you don't know what a MacGuffin is, doesn't work at all.


But I'm ok with riding the line between accesible and niche. I want people to go back and find hidden jokes that they didn't catch the first time. I want people to wonder if they were even put there intentionally. This would be the theme of Hamlet's Danish if there was one. It's not video games or pop-culture references, it's my love and admiration for a border-line overthought joke. It may never have mass appeal, but my hope is that if a joke does hit you, it hits you hard. Hopefully it'll find an audience, and hopefully it's you.


So my wife and I had a baby last week. This may cause disruptions in my update schedule going forward. I remain optimistic that I can keep up, but we'll see. This is uncharted territory for me. I figured out how to draw with a sleeping baby on my lap, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. I'm not going to post his name on the internet, so if I need to refer to him, so I'll be calling him "Yountzilla".

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